Ann Hudson Peters

Ann Peters

Ann H Peters is an anthropological archaeologist specializing in the study of the relationship between the living and the dead based on the record of mortuary practices about 2000 years ago at the Paracas Necropolis - a site on the Pacific coast of the central Andes, in what is today Peru. Puede comunicar también en Castellano.Read Full


Proyecto “Prácticas en Vida, Presencia después de la Muerte: Lo estilístico y lo material en Paracas Necrópolis”

We are so happy to report that we have finally received permission to conduct research within the museum system of Peru’s new Ministerio de Cultura, specifically in the Museo Nacional de Antropología, Arqueología e História del Perú (MNAAHP) and the Museo Regional de Ica (MRI).  This is an historic moment, as the museums are working out the oversight protocol for the first archaeological project to undertake substantial new research in a historic collection important to Peru’s national identity and our understanding of Andean history.  If we can meet our goals, together with the goals of each museum and the Ministry, both understanding of the Paracas site and the catalogue and storage of the Paracas materials will be improved.   We are beginning the planning process with directors Carmen Arrellano of the MNAAHP and Susana Arce of the MRI, and will have more news soon.

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